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Rain, Rain Go Away

Remember as kids we would sing the song, “Rain, rain, go away, come again some other day.”  Well the adults around me are singing it this week.  We have had rain every day for the past two weeks.  Our pool is about to overflow; the golf course is cart path only and the driving range is closed.

Today the sun is out and it is a beautiful time to walk in my neighborhood.  However the showers will be back around 3:00 this afternoon and the first tropical “disturbance” is about to enter the Gulf of Mexico.  If it gets stronger it is called a “tropical depression” and then even stronger with sustained winds between 39 and 73 mph, it becomes a “tropical storm” and is given a name.  The first name on the list for 2018 is Alberto.

Once those sustained winds reach 74 to 95 mph that storm becomes a Category 1 hurricane.  Categories 2 through 5 hurricanes are as follows:

  • Category 2: 96 to 110 mph
  • Category 3: 111 to 129 mph
  • Category 4: 130 to 156 mph
  • Category 5: 157 mph or higher

Hurricane Season in Florida is June 1 through November 30 however most arrive in August and September.  If you are traveling in Florida this summer, you will get plenty of notice before you find yourself in the middle of a hurricane.  They are not fast and furious like tornadoes but hurricanes can cause tornadoes to develop.  They can be unpredictable and change direction overnight.  Flooding and downed trees are our biggest concern.  If you are visiting either coast and you are asked to move inward, please do so.

This time of the year, the temperature is great and the flowers are beautiful. Even if it rains every day, it usually will not last long.  Sometimes it rains in one neighborhood but you may not see a drop just a mile away.

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