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Mother & Child and the Gift of Time

Whether you are giving or receiving a gift this month to celebrate the bond between Mother and Child does not matter.  The best gift is a moment of your time.

If you recently became a new mother, congratulations!  You are about to begin an adventure that will change your life.  Take a lot of photographs because they will be your gift to yourself.

If you have reached the age where your children are grown and making decisions for their family, the gift of time is still priceless.  I had lunch with my first born a few days before Mother’s Day to celebrate his birthday but it was also a celebration of the day I first became a mother.  My heart swelled with pride seeing the business man he is today.

Remembering those early days of being a Mom….I found a photo taken on a trip to Key West.  I don’t remember this particular moment but I remember our trip.  My son was about four and as kids can be at that age he was anxious to get out of the car.  He asked how much further; I replied we are almost to Miami.  He said, “It’s not your Ami, its Daddy’s Ami!”  This memory brings a smile to my face every time I think about it.

Florida Morning Walks website was created this week by my second born son.  He gave me many hours of his time to make this dream of mine come true.  It is a work in progress and I hope you enjoy the things we share with you about our home State of Florida.

If you are a young person wondering what to do for your Mother, I hope the gifts I received this week will trigger something you know your own Mother will love.  If you are a young Mother then get your camera and start taking photographs.

Happy Mother’s Day

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